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Steakhouse, Italian food, Breakfast, Grill, Fish, Hamburger, Toast, shakshuka



Spend time in restaurant and sit on our terrace facing one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, or spend time enjoying tastes and design of overseas. This is the story of Aramis Ashdod - a fusion restaurant that succeeds in surprising, stirring and most importantly be tasty every time.

Why Aramis?
Aramis, the romantic lover character from the ‘Three Musketeers’ book that later became a movie, is the name of this restaurant so identified with all that this character symbolizes. Entering, you will understand what this is all about. The walls of the restaurant are decorated with paintings and illustrations of the story's characters, the parquet floor flows into the rich bar which creates a Louis XIII palatial atmosphere, the same king mentioned in the book.
What’s on the menu?
Our menu, just like the nature of the place, is a fusion that combines Israeli foods we know so very well, like hummus and cigars, yet here they come with fish rather than meat. The entrecote is big and weighs 300 grams, and some of the meticulous side sauces are thyme aioli and garlic puree. We prepare everything on the spot in our kitchen unlike other typical beach restaurants.
Why Ashdod?
Why?! Because we are on a wide stretch of coast, one of the nicest in Israel. Ashdod, because of the evolving culinary scene, its population and the growing awareness, together with the call for good food, to be found not just in Tel Aviv. And most of all, Ashdod is home! Where we can give and you can enjoy the familial service, because Aramis is for you to enjoy!

Address: Lido Beach 1, Ashdod
Phone: 08-6270440
Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu , 10:00-23:00
Fri-Sat , 09:00-23:00
Handicapped Access
Smoking area
Private room

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Contact details

Address: Lido Beach 1, Ashdod
Phone: 08-6270440